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Bloody Pagans

October 21, 2009

17th Jul 2007

It all becomes clear now!

raining-pouring250We were caught in a downpour yesterday – me and the dogs. It was sunny when we went to the park so I hadn’t put a coat on. When the sky turned black and the rain started falling we ran towards the tree standing on its own in the middle of the park for shelter. By the time we got there, though, I was soaked to the skin, from head to toe – the left toe to be precise (bloody hole in my welly!).

As quickly as it started, the torrential downpour ceased. The sky turned blue, the sun peeked out, and a sorry looking figure – ‘fair drookit’ – with three equally bedraggled dogs in tow trudged wearily homewards – a strange squelchy noise coming from his left foot – muttering under his breath, “F**king, global warming!”

Now, this morning, the BBC tells me it was those bloody Pagan buggers to blame. Seems they have been performing rain magic (the b*stards!) just because someone drew a picture of Homer Simpson on a hillside.

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