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A Spring in her Step

December 4, 2009

29th Feb 2008

Good news from the hospital on Monday. Chest X-ray showed tumour in Mrs D’s right lung no bigger than it was at last check-up 6 weeks ago. Next x-ray and meeting with Consultant scheduled for 3 months time.

Understandably, Mrs D had been a bit depressed the closer we got to Monday’s visit to the hospital, fearing it was going to be bad news. So there was a decided feeling of relief to find the cancer had not progressed since the previous check. And a spring in her step as we walked back to the car at the news her next appointment was to be in 3 months time. This will make it sometime in May. The significance of this date is that it will be 12 months in April since Mrs D was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. As I’ve said before, only 15-35% of patients diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer are still alive 12 months after diagnosis. That her next appointment will be 13 months after her cancer was diagnosed, Mrs D saw as a sign that the doctors expect her to beat those odds.

It is not yet time to think about dying!

As a sign that she is now thinking beyond that dreaded 12 month survival statistic, Mrs D is now making plans for me to give our garden a bit of a makeover in the summer ahead.

Bugger !!! 😦

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  1. CatGod permalink
    December 4, 2009 2:27 am

    Hey duncan, great news… What are you planting this year? After the makeover… ha!

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