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A Spot of Bother

January 4, 2010

19th Sep 2008

Set a new Wolverhampton to Brum record yesterday (total travelling time from leaving my desk to walking in front door) less than 25 minutes and would have been even less if the traffic lights hadn’t been against me when I came off the M6.

Mrs D had decided there was no way she was going to work while she had a shitty arse. The rash all over her neck and chest reinforced that decision so I (reluctantly) left her at home on her own.

A few hours later she called me in a panic because the rash on her face had got really, really, worse. Not only that, her throat was now swelling up too. She had phoned the Hospital and was waiting a call back to see if she needed to go in. By the time I got home, the rash and swelling had subsided a bit and she was less scared. Spoke to the cancer nurse at the clinic who advised bringing her in this morning.

The Tarceva ‘kit’ that came with the drug included some creme to use if a rash developed. In case Mrs D was having a reaction to the cream, the nurse advised her to stop using it. This morning the rash is much better, so it seems she may well have been having an allergic response to that particular cream. She has now been prescribed a different cream to see if that helps..

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