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Sandbagged !!!

January 25, 2010

20th Apr 2009

I got paid today. Or to be more accurate, I should have got paid today. The deal is that on the 20th of each month a certain sum of money (not as large as I would like but as much as my miserable employer is willing to exchange in return for my services on the company’s behalf) is transferred out of my employers account and into my bank account.

That is the theory. The reality is somewhat different!

Oh, when questioned, the financial people assure me that the money is no longer in their account but for some unaccountable reason – particularly in this age of instantaneous electronic transfer of funds – it can take as much as a day or more for the money to appear in my account.

[I have my suspicions as to what happens to that money during the interval between leaving one account and appearing in another – but that’s another story.]

Anyway, I approach the 20th of each month more in hope than in expectation but by late evening today the money was in my account. For an all too brief moment I luxuriated in the feeling of being temporarily wealthy. Then Mrs D spoke.

‘Your wages gone in yet ?’

My heart sank !!!

‘Yes’, I sighed. ‘How much do you want?’

Each month I transfer to Mrs D a certain sum of money as my contribution to our household expenses. It’s an agreed minimum amount but can increase from month to month if we have had some extra expense that needs to be shared.

Mrs D mentioned a sum far greater than I was expecting.

‘How much?’, I asked

She repeated herself.

‘I thought that’s what you said’, I replied. ‘What’s that for?’

‘You bought me a present’, she said.

‘Did I?’, I replied ‘I don’t recall doing so, but I seem to have been remarkably generous !!!

Any particular reason I bought you a present.?

‘Our Anniversary’, she replied.

‘I thought we agreed we weren’t going to buy each other a present’, I said

‘I changed my mind’, she replied. ‘I decided you would want to buy me a present so I thought I’d save you the time and trouble by buying it myself. Now if you can just transfer the money into my account?’

‘Er, what exactly have I bought you?’ I asked

‘A ring’, she replied. ‘An eternity ring – with lots of diamonds. I’ve always wanted one.’

‘What could I say?’

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