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Whisky Social

January 27, 2010

25th Apr 2009

The day after we were given the news that Mrs D had lung cancer – and that it was at an advanced stage- we were supposed to be going out with some friends to a ‘Whisky-tasting Social’.

Mrs D was very poorly and unable to get out of bed so I nipped out (the venue was just up the road) to let our friends know we wouldn’t be able to make it – and the reason why !!!

When we went to the same event 2 years later, it was with a sense of triumph that she had beaten the odds and she was given an emotional welcome from many of the people attending.

It was a good evening, and she enjoyed herself. During the break for the buffet, however, she signalled me with her eyes that she had had enough. The pain was too much and she wanted to go home – where she felt ‘safe’

Ominously she did not want to stay to dance the Eightsome Reel !!!

Click on Pics to enlarge . . .

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  1. January 27, 2010 6:24 pm

    She was a fine lady duncan…

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