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Something in the Air

February 17, 2010

2nd Aug 2009

Today was carnival time in Brum. Each year the procession of floats and dancers wends its way slowly past our house – finishing up with fun-fair, stalls, live bands etc in the park.

It’s something Mrs D enjoys. The weather is almost always hot and sunny and many a time we’ve had friends and family over on the day to share in the fun and excitement.

We live 4 houses away from our ‘local’ pub. Mrs D thought she might manage to walk that distance with my help – the plan being to have a Sunday Dinner in the pub and a leisurely drink afterwards while we waited for the first of the procession to come into view. She managed to walk past 2 houses (very slowly) then gave up so I ‘parked’ her on a neighbours wall then fetched the car to drive her the last 20-30 yards. (I did offer to sling her over my shoulder but she declined in words I was hearing more and more frequently these days – ‘F*ck Off !!!)

For once, the procession arrived almost on schedule. As always, the costumes were a riot of colour, and there was a great spirit of bonhomie (or it might have been clouds of gange) in the air.

Mrs D wasn’t up to going to the park but she enjoyed watching the parade for a bit – as much for the fact she was doing something ‘normal’ for a change instead of lying in bed. So although it took a great deal out of her and she had to retire to bed when we got back into the house, all in all the day was a success. Add to that, tomorrow she will finally get to see the grandkids and give them their presents and one could safely say the day ended rather better than it began.

Click on pics to enlarge . . .

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  1. February 17, 2010 12:32 am

    How colorful! Exactly what is being celebrated?

    • February 18, 2010 6:25 am

      Not celebrating any specific event or historical/religious/mythical personage as far as I know, JJ. To be honest, never thought about it before. Always thought it was just the afro-caribbean population in Brum celebrating the fact that they are ‘black’ and ‘proud’ of it and remembering their heritage.

      It’s always an exuberant, joyous occasion to which all are welcome. The parade ends up in Wee Rab’s park across the road from us, with lots of live music, fun fair, exhibitions, food, and stalls selling everything imaginable.

      Our dogs love it. Despite the massive clear up when it’s over, they manage to find lots of jerk chicken trodden into the ground that have been missed in the clean up 🙄

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