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Just like ‘Normal’ . . . except

February 24, 2010

16 Aug 2009

At this stage, even a week seems a long, long time. Continuing to take no chances, therefore, we brought Mrs D’s birthday party forward from next weekend to this.

The weather was kind – a hot sunny day. Mrs D feels cold all the time, though, so we lit the chimney ‘wot’s it called’ thingy on the patio to provide some extra warmth for her.

It was great. Unlike most of our parties, I didn’t have to do a thing. Carla cleaned the house from top to bottom on Friday. Mathew cut the grass while waiting for the other guests to arrive. The food was brought over by the women. There was even a birthday cake emblazoned with an iced photograph of Mrs D when she was a nipper.

Click on pics to enlarge –

t was a great party. Good fun. The kids sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mrs D – several times. It was just like a normal birthday part, except for one thing – no presents. Mrs D had insisted there be no presents, arguing that it was pointless for folk to buy her anything ‘durable’ since I’d only have to return them to the donors after her funeral’

Anyway, Mrs D thoroughly enjoyed herself – as did every one else. It tired her out, but it was worth it. If nothing else it was nice for her to have someone’s company other than mine for a while !!!

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