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I Thought I saw a Puddy Tat

March 10, 2010

8th Nov 2009

They say you should never intervene when two dogs are fighting. Firstly, to do so puts yourself at risk of being bitten. Secondly, by trying to pull one dog away from the scrap you run the risk of exposing it’s vulnerable parts to its rival. Of course when Wee Rab and Ceilidh are scrapping I ignore all that and dive right in to pull Ceilidh off him.

I was sat at the kitchen table working on my laptop when all hell broke loose behind me. They’ve had the occasional tiffs before but it’s mostly bluff, but this time Wee Rab was squealing so loudly and continuously I thought she was killing him – she gets cranky when she’s in season !

I spun round to see them both come scrambling into the kitchen, Rab squealing and Ceilidh growling and snapping, the two of them tumbling over one another, skidding on the tiled floor as wee Rab tried (I thought) to escape.

Without thinking, I grabbed Ceilidh by the scruff of the neck and pulled her off Wee Rab. It was then I realised she wasn’t attacking him at all. With her being held out the way I could see Wee Rab was wrestling with a kitten. I pulled him off her – giving her the chance to escape out the open kitchen door into the garden. She spurned that opportunity, choosing instead to run deeper into the house.

Fuck !!!

I shut Wee Rab and Ceilidh in the kitchen while I went in search of the intruder. I went from room to room but found no trace of her. There were no doors or windows open so she must be here somewhere – but where. While I was searching for her I deduced what must have happened. We have an open-plan kitchen that leads through to the study area where the dogs have their baskets. I had left the kitchen door open while I worked at the table. The kitten must have come in through the door, slipped past me and into the study area where she had run into the dogs.

O.K. that was how she’d got in but where was she now?

I searched every room. Looked behind and under every piece of furniture and found nothing. In desperation I let Wee Rab loose with instructions to find the cat. He didn’t need any instruction. He cast about for about 3 secs then ran straight to the settee in the living room. I looked behind it – Nothing. It didn’t seem possible anything could have got underneath it, given the small size of the gap between the floor and the settee, but Wee Rab was insistent that the cat was under there.

I put Rab back in the other room with Ceilidh then opened the patio door to give the kitten an escape route into the garden before lifting the settee on its end. As I did so, a small bundle of fur darted past me – not out the patio door into the garden but in the opposite direction to hide behind the TV stand

Fuck !!!

I spent the next 15 minutes trying to befriend the kitten, trying to lure it out from behind the TV – without success. Eventually I got fed up. I rammed the extension pole from the vacuum cleaner up it’s arse. It didn’t like that one bit. It shot about a foot in the air then made a run for the patio door, pausing briefly on the lip to give me a baleful backward glance

Fuck you, too !!!

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  1. March 10, 2010 8:02 am

    The green eyes say it all in the last picture, evil little creatures…

  2. March 11, 2010 4:09 am

    this story reminded me of when I had a gotten a kitten. it was all black and was only about 6-8 weeks old. i brought it over to my boyfriend’s house (actually, he was the one who bought the kitten for me). well, it got out of the room we were in without us realizing it. so we started searching the entire house looking for this wee black kitten. nothing. finally we heard a faint cry and followed the sound down into the basement where there was filled with junk. we looked and looked and couldn’t find her. finally after about an hour or so we found her in the back of an empty dresser drawer in a very dark corner. how it got there was beyond us!

  3. March 11, 2010 8:15 pm

    As much as I’m a cat lover, I’d be the first to concurr that they have their moments of pure evil.

    One of our cats, Diana (The other is named Camilla… Yeah, I know…) took such offence at me for expelling her from her favourite sleeping area – which happened to be my bed – that she crapped in my favourite shoes.

    The shoes were a classic pair of Converse All-Stars, which if you’re familiar with, will no doubt leave you pondering just how she managed to accomplish it.

    I’m at a loss to this day.

  4. March 13, 2010 3:34 pm

    You’ve got to work on your cussing, my dear.

    • March 16, 2010 2:57 pm

      There’s nothing to work on … he does it well enough 😉

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